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Posted by Chris on July 28, 2009

the-prisoner_1bmp-1-1829397Dark Horizons recently embedded a nine minute preview of AMC’s upcoming remake of The Prisoner. For costume alone it is certainly worth a quick look.

Watch the preview here

The original 17 episode TV series The Prisoner ran from 1967 to 68. It was co-created and starred Patrick McGoohan as the titular prisoner or Number Six, a British government agent who on his resignation from the service is drugged and kidnapped. He awakes in a strange isolated village where the inhabitants live under an Orwellian-like order and his captives, led by their unseen master Number One, constantly probe him for a reason why he resigned.

Possibly due to its unusual structure and execution the show was indifferently received at the time, though has since garnered a massive cult following – hence the new version.