2009 September | Clothes on Film

Posted by Chris on September 24, 2009

Natalie Portman’s behind the scenes movie site MakingOf are running an exclusive interview with The September Issue director R.J. Cutler. He discusses the challenges experienced making the piece and his thoughts on its main star, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

The September Issue is a documentary following all the hard work that goes into producing an issue of monthly fashion bible Vogue. The film focuses specifically on the September ‘07 edition, which was the single biggest issue (840 pages) of a magazine, any magazine, ever produced.

Posted by Sarah H on September 22, 2009

What young girl doesn’t want to be in the ‘Pink Ladies’ after seeing Grease (1978)?

They are synonymous by their satin-lined powder pink baseball-style jacket, ‘Pink Ladies’ embroidered in black scrawl on the reverse, their name on the front, worn mostly with the collar up for that rebellious touch. Celebrating impurity, they are one of the most popular and imitated girl gangs on screen. Being ‘pink’ is a sarcastic and perhaps sexual allusion.

Posted by Chris on September 18, 2009

Second in a two part journey through the Giorgio Armani fashions of The Untouchables (1987). Sean Connery’s character Malone prefers a more relaxed style of dress to Elliot Ness, as illustrated the first time we see him out of his beat uniform in civvies:

Norfolk jacket in brown twill tweed. Light green shirt with pointed collars and single button cuffs. Red cable knit waistcoat. Brown tweed peaked cap. Dark green loose fitting wool trousers. Black lace-up leather shoes.

Posted by Chris on September 15, 2009

Ghostbusters (1987) is perhaps best known as the first ever big budget FX comedy and not for making any serious style statements. Yet tucked amongst the fluffy hair and khaki jump-suits sported by the Ghostbusters themselves is a classic example of mid-1980s opulence – Sigourney Weaver’s oversized cape coat:

Full-length cape coat in blue wool with horizontal and intersecting vertical maroon stripes. Wide three-quarter length sleeves, stand collar, big button fastening. Matching cape running to a three-quarter point of the back.