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Posted by Chris Laverty on November 6, 2009

Of course Rear Window (1954) wasn’t all about Grace Kelly…

Just a quick mention then for Miss Lonelyheart played with such empathy by Judith Evelyn, and her dashing green dress. This outfit might look passé compared to the haute couture of Grace Kelly’s Lisa, yet it is probably what her character was wearing eighteen months earlier:

Posted by Chris Laverty on September 11, 2009

Costume designers face a quandary: keep contemporary set films up to date, but ensure that they do not appear hideously outmoded in the future. In short they need to create a look that is both fashionable and timeless. Not an easy task.

With this in mind consider some predicted winter/fall trends in women’s and men’s wear. If you spot any in this season’s movies there is either a seriously forward-thinking costume designer at work, or one who is going to regret his/her choices in the future.

Posted by Chris Laverty on June 1, 2009

While still alluring, as practically anything is on Grace Kelly, this is perhaps her least successful outfit overall from Rear Window (1954, as Lisa Fremont).

The jacket seems slightly too long and loose for the slenderness of the skirt; it doesn’t fit Kelly’s figure as comfortably as it might. However even with its faults the suit still reflects a vital side of Lisa’s complex personality: her professional, tailored femininity.

Posted by Chris Laverty on May 5, 2009

Grace Kelly (as Lisa Fremont) wears five separate outfits in Rear Window (1954) including one negligee.

Three of these are exceptional standouts, each neatly representing a different sector of 1950s women’s fashion: dress, casual and tailored.