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A totally non-grainy version of The A-Team movie teaser trailer has hit the net. Either you or your older brother or your dad will be very excited.

Watch the HD trailer HERE

UPDATE! (01/05) New full trailer online HERE. For our money it’s dafter, but better.

In the early-mid 1980s, The A-Team was the action adventure television show for all prepubescent boys who owned a plastic AK-47 and rode a BMX (later mountain bike).

It told the story of a group of mercenaries, or ‘soldiers of fortune’ as the voiceover man told us, who were available to hire for good deeds like foiling corrupt landowners or liberating small American towns from guys in plaid shirts carrying guns. Despite a heady firearm quota nobody ever really got shot in The A-Team though, which was why your mum let you watch it in the first place.

All The A-Team members were written as Vietnam vets and had their own particular role to play in the show: John ‘Hannibal’ Smith was the leader (plus he liked disguises), Templeton Peck, aka ‘Face’ was the ladies man (he also liked disguises), Bosco Baracus, aka ‘B.A’ was the muscle, and kiddies favourite ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock was a pilot.


As for this belated modern movie update directed by Joe ‘Narc, Smokin’ Aces’ Carnahan the roles are distributed thus: Hannibal (Liam Neeson), Faceman (Bradley Cooper), B.A (Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson) and Murdock (Sharlto Copley). It is not exactly a dream cast, though on the strength of this teaser trailer they all seem to work well together, Neeson and Copley – who delivers a quick but slickly delivered pay off line – especially.

It is perhaps more ‘Mission Impossible’ looking than we were expecting and, boy, if there is not some ropey CGI cluttering up the last few seconds. Yet for all our rose-tinted memories of the TV show it should be remembered that, frankly, it was as daft as a brush on most occasions. You will need to hold onto that thought dearly when you see Bradley Cooper shooting down a plane from a parachuting tank.


If we can all find our inner child or at least get drunk enough for he/she to make an appearance come 11th June when The A-Team movie opens, it should be a good fun laugh. The pieces are all in place, the cast look as you would expect, the costumes by Betsy ‘Pulp Fiction’ Heiman are updated, obviously, but pretty spot on and the GMC van is back, shiny black, red strip in place and just as cool as ever.

Join with us as we reserve judgment. We will call it a plan. One that has come together.

© 2010, Chris Laverty.

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