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Esquire magazine for gentleman with taste and bottomless pockets, have featured a fashion shoot with Toy Story 3′s Ken. That’s right; a doll dresses better than you.

Clearly this is not really Ken from Toy Story 3, it is Mattel’s actual Ken, immortalised in the film wearing, it has to be said, even cooler clothes than here (wouldn’t you want to be friends with a guy in animal print shorts?).

The brief from Esquire was for four leading fashion designers to dress Ken in key looks for autumn. The finished result is this miniaturised set from their genuine upcoming line. Buy the mag for the full spread, after you’ve checked out our scan of Ken rocking a suede trenchcoat like no mortal man ever could.


Cotton canvas overcoat, utility shirt, slim fit trousers, leather boots, all by Burberry Prorsum.


Suede trenchcoat, cashmere sweater, slim fit trousers, leather boots, weekend bag, all by Gucci.


Wool hat, wool jacket with satin shawl collar, slim fit trousers, cotton shirt, leather lace-ups, all by Paul Smith.


Camel wool coat, wool sweater, cotton shirt, wool trousers, leather shoes, camo print leather bag, all by Prada.


Not forgetting Barbie…Gabardine camouflage coat, brown leather heels, leather handbag, all by Prada.

Photographs by Matthew Donaldson for Esquire. Taken at Bourton-on-the-Water model village in the Cotswolds, UK.

Esquire (the one with half naked Katy Perry on the front) is on sale now. Toy Story 3 is released in the UK on 19th July.

© 2010, Chris Laverty.

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