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A few days back, Warner Bros. released the first official image and synopsis from The Hangover Part II – Todd Philips’ follow up to his own mega success comedy. You have no doubt read/seen both by now, but we do have a little something to add…

Clothes on Film recently had a quick chat with costume designer Louise Mingenbach as she was shooting The Hangover: Part II in Thailand. According to Louise, a safari suit with sandals and socks were exactly what she considered Zach Galifianakis’ character, well intentioned man-child Alan, would deem appropriate for a trip to southeast Asia (note, too ,what appears to be Louis Vuitton luggage). Moreover we have plenty of exciting and hilarious costume choices to come. Adds Louise:

He has a couple of other good outfits he’s packed for his trip as well. Sand washed silk pantsuits!

Zach Galifianakis in silk trousers or Bradley Cooper in a blue Harrington jacket and slim white jeans? It is difficult to predict which outfit is going to prove more popular.

Judge for yourself when The Hangover: Part II is released in cinemas on 26th May next year.

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