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File under ‘seriously intriguing’, mainly because it is in part a period piece, here is our first decent, non grainy scanned look at Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Captain America: The First Avenger is directed by Joe Johnston, adapted/written by Joss Whedon and most tantalising of all for this particular site, costumed by Jeffery Kurland (Inception) and Anna B. Sheppard (Inglourious Basterds). Quite how this panned out in practical terms, i.e. did Sheppard handle the period costumes and Kurland modern day, is something we will close in on nearer the release date. Judging by the early official images that turned up before Christmas, The First Avenger is certainly embracing its vintage costume vibe.

The above pic is likely from the early 1940s portion of the film, following New York weakling Steve Rogers’ failed attempt to join in the fight against Hitler. Rogers agrees to be pumped-up with a super serum by the U.S. Army and finds his strength and agility increased to the max. Important to note, he does not become a ‘superhero’ as such, more the perfect embodiment of man. A somewhat disturbing concept to celebrate being who the world was fighting against at the time, but there you go.


Chris Evans has already described his Marvel Captain America uniform thus, “It doesn’t exactly breathe the way the Fantastic Four costume breathed, but it’s the way it should be”. Of course we do not know which variation of the uniform he is referring to. Only approximately half of the movie is set during the 1940s-possibly 50’s, the rest is in the present day. How we get there, wading through Captain America’s intricately messy backstory is something else we will have to wait on. A trailer would be nice about now, please. At least that may give us some idea of exactly where the film is going.

For now though, feast your eyes on the Captain America costume helmet (observe: separate, maybe ‘ultimate’?), gloves, belt, lightweight shield and leather style suit (highly unlikely to be actual leather), supposedly designed to resemble an airman’s jumpsuit. Those chaps in the background must be ‘HYDRA’ soldiers, we assume. Would not want to assume too much at this stage however; it could still end up a part-animated rom-com set in space.

Captain America: The First Avenger is due for release on 22nd July. Be there. Sure you will be.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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