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Shia LaBeouf runs about in a short leather jacket while Michael Douglas dons the coolest pair of retro shades for, well, this year at least. Welcome to the full international trailer for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

Show me the money trailer HERE

This flushes out the previous teaser in greater detail. Now we get a proper idea of the story (Douglas’ Gekko reformed, but not to be trusted) and more glimpses of Carey Mulligan in action as Gekko’s discontented daughter (may have something to do with the actress’ recent Oscar nod). Costume design by Ellen Mirojnick.

Directed by Oliver Stone as sequel to his own influential eighties hit Wall Street (1987), ‘Money Never Sleeps’, as the subtitle seems to confirm for good, arrives in UK and US cinemas on 8th October. ka and ching.

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