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After some not especially revealing, though still rather tantalising costume wise, X-Men: First Class images released three weeks ago, comes a far more revealing trailer. It is unexpectedly classy too.

X-Men: First Class is helmed by Kick Ass (2010) and Stardust (2007) director Mathew Vaughn and co-scripted by both of those films’ screenwriter Jane Goldman. This is worth mentioning because she clearly has a knack for adapting comic books/graphic novels, unless First Class is an exception, which we hope not. Anyway, check out the trailer below. Costumes by Sammy Sheldon – also a Vaughn regular:

It is now apparent that both Vaughn and Sheldon have toned down the ‘sixtiesness’ of the era or Fox have kept most of the period costume and production design out of the trailer, say for the odd trench coat, wide lapel tuxedo or bulbous CRT, for fear of it coming across as too retro.

Frankly, there is very little here that ever emphasises the setting. Not a criticism as such, more an observation. It will be interesting to see how the final film and perhaps future trailers look in relation to this introductory snippet.

X-Men: First Class is released on 3rd June.

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