Chris Laverty | – Part 2

31 May ’13 © 2013, HBO

Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick brings Liberace back to life on stage and off. Continue reading

29 May ’13 © 2013, Pathe International

The first still from Beauty and the Beast, aka La belle & la bête. Costumes by Pierre-Yves Gayraud. Continue reading

25 May ’13 © 2013, 20th Century Fox

This week’s other costume design stories and links. Continue reading

23 May ’13 © 2013, Warner Bros. Pictures

Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin bring us the twenties reloaded. Continue reading

21 May ’13 © 2013, Clothes on Film

Some photographs from the recent So Dior exhibition at Harrods. Continue reading

19 May ’13 © 2013, Clothes on Film

Star Trek’s Michael Kaplan confirmed as costume designer for Star Wars Episode VII. Continue reading

18 May ’13 © 2013, ABC

A few of this week’s interesting costume links. Continue reading

17 May ’13 © 2013, Paramount Pictures

Michael Kaplan gives Clothes on Film the lowdown on his Star Trek Into Darkness costumes. Continue reading

11 May ’13 © 2013, HBO

Pick of the week’s movie and television costume design stories. Continue reading

10 May ’13 © 2013, Clothes on Film

Director Bryan Singer has tweeted photographs of Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy in 1973 costume on set of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Continue reading

9 May ’13 © 2013, Paramount Pictures

Spoiler warning: The costume clues and details of Star Trek Into Darkness. Continue reading

7 May ’13 © 2013, Clothes on Film

Costume designer Michael Kaplan reminisces with Clothes on Film about creating dark tourist Marla Singer in Fight Club.
Continue reading

4 May ’13 © 2013, MGM Television

This week’s interesting costume design stories and links. Continue reading

2 May ’13 © 2013, Clothes on Film

We visited Brooks Brothers to check out their costume display from The Great Gatsby. Continue reading

27 Apr ’13 © 2013, Warner Bros. Pictures

The week’s big costume design stories and links. Continue reading

26 Apr ’13 © 2013, Universal Pictures

The first trailer for mid-1970s set Rush is on-line and Olivia Wilde looks sensational. Continue reading

24 Apr ’13 © 2013, Walt Disney Pictures

Spoiler warning: We examine the use of suits, iron or otherwise, in Iron Man 3 to conceal and recreate identity. Continue reading

20 Apr ’13 © 2013, Brooks Brothers

Some movie costume related stories you may have missed this week. Continue reading