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7 Jun ’10 © 2009, Clothes on Film

The Big Lebowski is brilliantly designed; the characters are concisely and efficiently illustrated, says KB from FrockTalk.com. Continue reading

8 Jan ’10 © 2010, Clothes on Film

Part two of a new Dual Analysis. Costume designer Kristin Burke from FrockTalk gives her thoughts on Rosemary’s Baby. Continue reading

31 Oct ’09 © 2009, Clothes on Film

Beetle Juice was a wakeup call; the so-called ‘goth’ look had been dragged out from obscurity and put on to the big screen. Continue reading

10 Aug ’09 © 2009, Clothes on Film

Establishing a new feature at Clothes on Film, the following review is written in collaboration with costume designer Kristin M. Burke. Continue reading