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Two weeks of catch up for you.

Phillip Boutte Jr.

This is something special. Tyranny of Style interview costume illustrator Phillip Boutte Jr. featuring some of his fabulous digital renderings from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Wonder Woman

Apparently ‘exclusive’ costume details for the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, which is due April 2016. Wonder Woman will look ‘badass’.

The Best Movie Sunglasses of ALL TIME

So says Vogue.

Penny Dreadful

Brilliant look at the show’s costume design with insight from Gabriella Pescucci. Love the French impressionists inspiration.


This is kinda cool – clothes retailer Metail have introduced a Cher style style wardrobe selector. We have the technology!


Upcoming Art of Television Costume Design exhibition for your diary. Looks like some of Ellen Mirojnick’s wonderful Behind the Candelabra pieces will be in residence.

Ray Donovan

Video: Two minutes with costume designer Christopher Lawrence on why Ray is a “shark”.

Clothes on Film

Yeah we have an announcement…

Batman (1989)

Video: Totally fab doc shot before the film’s release. Dapper costume designer Bob Ringwood makes an appearance, which is worth seeing for his suit alone.


Kerry Washington and Lyn Paolo launch their own clothing collection; further proof that inside practically every costume designer is a fashion designer desperate to get out.

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