Costume Stories, This Week: Catching Fire and Downton Abbey

Oi! Costume!

The Fifth Element

Jean Paul Gaultier’s original costume for when Prince was cast as outrageous Ruby Rhod.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

A few more words with Trish Summerville about one of the most anticipated costume films of the year.

Downton Abbey

Caroline McCall discusses challenges of working on the show. Noticed all the purples and blacks worn by Lady Mary this season? That’s because she is still in mourning.

Catching Fire

Jennifer Lawrence wanted to wear “everything” apparently. Understandable from what we’ve seen of the costumes so far.

Video: Ms Summerville explaining even more about those Katniss and co costumes. Exciting, exciting…

Costume Cafe Podcast

Lauren Delany George talks to Colleen Monroe about being a costume freelancer.

Thor: the Dark World

Wendy Partridge on designing for the big norse God.

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