Lovelace Trailer: Lovely Dresses

The UK trailer for Lovelace has debuted with all the grainy razzmatazz you would expect of a film set in the world of 1970s porn. However, although Linda Lovelace’s oral talents are drawing most grasps in this footage, we were more impressed by the costumes. Every single dress gorgeous Amanda Seyfried wears is gorgeous.

Forget Anna Karenina, Catching Fire, The Great Gatsby, this is the film we want to see spark a fashion revolution/revival. The 70’s is generally considered a joke as far as style is concerned, but surely this kneejerk opinion is on the wane? Tell us Seyfried as Linda Lovelace does not look amazing in every single outfit on screen and we’d call you a liar. Ok, so the gentlemen don’t fare quite as well, but you can’t argue with a good Banlon.

Lovelace tells the sad true story of Linda Boreman (aka Lovelace) from the ages of 18-32 as she becomes an infamous name in the porn industry (principally for one particular talent that rhymes with ‘speed boat’). Impossible not to think of Boogie Nights when watching this trailer, although at the centre of that tale was family, while Lovelace looks to be far darker. Costume designer Karyn Wagner (The Green Mile, Friday Night Lights) demonstrates what all smart people already know – that the 1970s are one of fashion’s most interesting and exciting decades. And don’t even get us started on the hair.

Lovelace is released in the UK on 23rd August.

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