Bill Nighy Explains How to Look the Business

Here is an interesting article from The Observer. Bill Nighy lists the five things he knows about style. Really you should read the whole thing over there as they wrote it, but for lazy clickers we have included the gist below:

1. ‘Wear a kilt – it is a deeply satisfying garment.’

2. ‘If I ruled the world, every woman would have a Chanel suit in her wardrobe.’

3. ‘The shape a suit presents is always going to be better than anything I can do.’

4. ‘I’d kill myself before wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms.’

5. ‘There are only three men in the world who are licensed to wear shorts…and don’t even get me started on three-quarter-length trousers.’

He is spot on in his simple, sensible suggestions (possibly kilt excluded). It is so rare these days to find an actor who actually has an off-screen style, or at least a recognisable presence. Even compatriots Daniel Craig and Clive Owen are actors largely known for their look in the movies.

Bill Nighy, however, is never less than sharp and clean, whether at a premiere or just buying his morning latte. And can’t he just wear those horn-rimmed spectacles? Oh yes, he can.

Source: The Observer

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