3rd Fashion in Film Festival Launches

Subtitled ‘Birds of Paradise’, the third Fashion in Film Festival will take place in three London venues on 1st – 12th December. There is plenty to see and digest too, including a wealth of rare UK screenings for films such as Red Heels (Dir. Michael Curtiz, 1925) and Ziegfeld Girl (Robert Z. Leonard, 1941).

The festival investigates costume in European and American film as cinematic spectacle. Specifically an analysis of theme, form, texture and colour – those movies that foreground costume as an enrichment of the viewing experience.

Unashamedly analytical, there are obscure screenings, some experimental, some features; from the silent era (Orientalist) to the 1970s (conspicuous display) and incorporating the influence of Hollywood throughout the 1940’s (exotica).

Films such as Pink Narcissus (James Bidgood, 1971), Moulin Rouge (1928, E.A. Dupont), Cobra Woman (Robert Siodmak, 1944), Lupe (José Rodríguez-Soltero, 1964) and the aforementioned Ziegfeld Girl starring Judy Garland, Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr form the bedrock of the festival’s attraction, along with an enticing sounding ‘Come as your own Madness Film Club’ on opening night – surely not for the shy and retiring.

Full Details of the 3rd Fashion in Film Festival: Birds of Paradise can be found HERE

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