Clash of The Titans Teaser Trailer Hits and Hits Hard

Just days behind our first glimpse at Prince of Persia, we have a minute or so teaser trailer for Clash of the Titans. It’s certainly loud.

Watch the HD trailer HERE

Frenzied, deafening, BIG scorpions and hairdo – just a few words that spring to mind upon seeing this montage. Not much chance to soak up the costumes, but the look is calculable: tunics and armour, Keffiyah headdress and kilts. Costume designer for Clash of the Titans is Welsh born Lindy Hemming. Noted for putting Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond in Brioni for GoldenEye (1995), Hemming has notched up a sizable Hollywood CV with enough blockbusters to start her own franchise.

As this teaser lives up to its name there is not much to differentiate director Louis Leterrier’s remake from the original costume wise. It is perhaps less camp and colourful, yet the overall semblance is as predicable as it is essential. Based on the myth of Perseus and his quest to save a damsel princess, Clash of the Titans Mk.1 was released in 1981 and is now looked upon fondly as a bank holiday TV treat, mainly for the still creepy Ray Harryhausen stop-motion monsters.

This new version looks and sounds surprisingly ‘nineties’ in its approach – lots of generic heavy rock and slo-mo leaping about; a definite action movie, judging by this snippet anyway, as opposed to full-on adventure. Still, as the film does not hit cinemas until 26th March 2010, Leterrier has plenty of time to fiddle with the end result. Though do not expect to see that mechanical owl anytime soon. He doesn’t belong here.

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