Costume Stories, This Week: Noah and Hannibal

No round up last week because we were a bit busy, so this week is MEGA JAMMED WITH COSTUME GOODNESS.

Puttin’ on the Glitz

We teamed up with Amber Jane Butchart and The British Library to talk jazz age fashion and dandy gangsters. Further coverage to follow…

Costume Test Images

50 of them to be precise, from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to Star Wars, Batman, and beyond.


Mad good interview/article by Tyranny of Style with Noah’s Head Textile Artist Matt Reitsma. There is absolutely no way you can care about costume design and not read this.

Business of Fashion

Costume designers, fashion designers, studios, brands, and a business venture 100 years in the making. Thanks to AJB for putting this thought provoking article under our nose.

Birds Eye View Film Festival – Fashion and Film

Curated by Kathryn Ferguson, who will hold Q&A’s with some of the directors featured. Get yourself to the ICA in London on 11th April.


Part 3 of Hello Tailor’s epic costume rundown – this time it’s Abigail Hobbs under the spotlight. We could read a book of these.

…which is nice because here’s ANOTHER ONE. Aces.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Excellent article by Superqueen. Like Drive, it’s all about the gloves…


A recent sell-off of theatrical costumes reads like a gold mine.


A TV cop drama ‘with a twist’. Costume designer Alexandra Welker goes carnival, and loves it.

Fashion and Film

Ferragamo supplied clothes to the best dressed actors in Italian cinema for 40+ years. The V&A takes a closer look at this era.

101 Dalmatians

An exploration of Disney character style: Roger Radcliffe and his ‘strategic rolled up sleeves’ (via Alton Williams).

Black Widow

Hello Tailor’s got the internet in a tizzy with her costume/identity column at The Daily Dot.

How I Met Your Mother

Reiko Kurumaba, who has been part of the show’s costume team since day one, chats through her favourite ensembles. Brief mention of Cobie Smulders flashing, too.

The Mindy Project

Fab bit of mish-mash from costume designer Salvador Perez. And do check out Mindy Kaling’s cameo in This is the End – it’s hilarious.

Veronica Mars

Costuming a teenage private eye. Even if you don’t know the show this is a delightfully detailed read by DTSFT’s clothes on screen expert – and all round lovely person – Sophia Shillito.

..and some digging on the new movie’s style evolution via costume designer Genevieve Tyrrell.


We recently watched this darkly comic true story for the first time. Frocktalk has a nifty interview with costume designer Kari Perkins that is worth a read.

Hollywood Red Carpet

A must see exhibition of red carpet fashion from the last 100 years at the Phoenix Art Museum. What a fantastic idea. Good time to be in Phoenix because Hollywood Costume has just opened there as well!

Costume Auction

Hannibal Rising sweater please thank you very much.

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