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  • There is little point in Clothes on Film delving too deeply into the first trailer for director J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars sequel The Force Awakens, mainly because it is just so much speculation at the moment, which of course is part of the fun, but also because there are far smarter (or more interested) minds on the Internet who will do a better job. That said how can you watch that trailer and not have an opinion? So here are ours, and with no contribution whatsoever from Star Wars VII costume designer Michael Kaplan. If he told us anything at this stage he would be thrown in the Sarlacc pit…

    kick-ass_aaron-johnson_costume-jpg_cmyk-3245981 prometheus_noomi-rapace-full-suit-side_image-credit-fox-001-8179985

  • Penny Rose creates incredible costume that feels so much like it belongs; ironically we barely even notice it’s there.