Video: Designing James Bond's Suits: Connery to Craig | Clothes on Film – Part 26728

A new web documentary analysing the look of James Bond has been released to coincide with the Designing 007 exhibition in London. It is well worth watching as costume designer Lindy Hemming, a veteran of five Bond films, discusses her approach for both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig; essentially that Brosnan’s suits were deliberately ‘European’ and Craig’s were intended to ‘pull him in’.

There are further notes from David Mason (Anthony Sinclair tailors) and Ritchie Charlton (Douglas Hayward tailors) as to why they believe Bond is still such a sartorial icon. Anthony Sinclair have recently undertaken remaking Sean Connery’s midnight tuxedo with turnback cuffs from Dr. No (1962) to display at the exhibition. You can read more about their progress HERE.

Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style runs from 6th July to 5th September.

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