First Look: Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man | Clothes on Film – Part 18589

Well, first proper look anyway, here in the still untitled Spider-Man reboot directed by Marc Webb. There is not much to see, though it is a nice shot of star Andrew Garfield in the full outfit, minus mask.

(15/02/11): Now first and second look… here is the next teaser image released by Columbia, this time what looks to be an entirely CG pic. At least we get a nice reveal of the web spinners + a title: The Amazing Spider-Man.

In this image it does not appear that costume designer Kym Barrett (The Matrix, Eragon) has reworked the classic (or should that be ‘ultimate’?) Spider-Man uniform too heavily. The ‘webbing’ is less raised, as is the neckline, the spider logo somewhat ‘sketched’ and the overall fit sleeker, but wisely much of the basic Tobey Maguire guise, as interpreted by James Acheson for Spider-Man (2002) and its sequels, remains. Oh, and there is a backpack too. Read into that what you may.

As soon as we get more we’ll say more. For now though this mean and moody pic actually gets us just a mite bit excited for the film.

Spider-Man ‘reboot’ is currently in production and due for release on 3rd July 2012. A while to go yet then.

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