Theoni V. Aldridge | Clothes on Film

  • Costume’s read all about it this week. Eyes of Laura Mars Guise analyses the influential costume classic. Just don’t call it ‘fashion’. The O.C. Tyranny of Style’s fantastic, mammoth look back the costumes of The O.C. Remember Seth’s reindeer Christmas jumper? I Love Lucy Lucille Ball’s polka dot dress sold at auction for $168,000, along with Hugh Jackman’s X-Men costume ($22,000) and Tom Cruise’s Rain Man suit ($30,000). Elysium Giorgio Armani talks about his contribution to Elysium, which we’re guessing was at star Jodie Foster’s insistence not costume designer April Ferry. Lovelace Karyn Wagner explains how she created Amanda Seyfried’s rudey look as Linda Boreman aka Lovelace.