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  • As a new feature for Clothes on Film, we will uploading regular videos (say every couple of weeks) to YouTube examining the costume design of new and classic movies, plus selected television and trailers. This is mainly because Clothes on Film’s creator and editor Christopher Laverty (waves) has been busy on other projects (ahem, buy the book) and has not had the opportunity to update the site as much as he’d like. Returning to more regular posting, it felt like a change was needed as there are already over 400 articles currently on here. Hence the idea of video. There will be some written articles added, but for the most…

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  • For HBO Sessions part 2, Clothes on Film editor Chris Laverty was invited to discuss the costume design of Boardwalk Empire.

  • Playing computer hacker, Lisbeth Salander, Noomi Rapace embodies the character in such a way that picturing anyone else in the role is nearly impossible.

  • Win a Scarface limited edition Blu-ray DVD, scarf and money clip. Three sets to give away. Look as tasteless as Tony!

  • Part 2 of our examination into how the Alien films have used costume design to contextualise primal terror.


  • In the first of a two-part special, we examine how important costumes from the Alien films are in contextualising primal terror.