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  • Locke (2013, costume design by Nigel Egerton) is a film unique in its restrictions – it takes place in real time, has only one character and only one setting. Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is driving somewhere important, and over the course of the film’s 85 minute running time, his life gradually begins to crumble around him as he desperately tries to salvage it. The controlled environment – the inside of his car – and the fact that the only character we actually see is Ivan himself means that interest in him is the only way of maintaining an audience’s attention with such limited visual stimulation. Ivan is the only character…


  • We discuss the clothing, jewellery, even underwear of The Young Victoria with Maggie from The Costumer’s Guide.

  • To coincide with Emily Blunt’s Golden Globe nomination for The Young Victoria, here is a revealing interview with the film’s costume designer Sandy Powell.