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  • The top half of Ben Affleck’s new Batsuit has been revealed, as created by costume designer Michael Wilkinson for the barely in production Batman vs. Superman. At first this black and white Bats looks kind of pettable, thanks to those smaller, kittenish bat ears. However getting in closer the suit is far more visceral than Lindy Hemming’s version for director Christopher Nolan. It actually resembles a (very buff) human body stripped of its skin. Nolan is where most comparisons will be drawn; his Batman is still the benchmark in cinema, and while director Zach Snyder is less obsessed with plausibility the new suit is obviously intended to be functional as…

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  • Superman’s new costume is underwear with a cape.

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  • A 13 minute Man of Steel featurette has just been released discussing the suit.


  • Spoiler warning: We examine the use of suits, iron or otherwise, in Iron Man 3 to conceal and recreate identity.


  • The latest trailer for Man of Steel makes for one very dark Superman costume.

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