007 | Clothes on Film

  • It’s the most celebrated, the most special, the most significant watch of all time; Rolex is symbolic of many things in the movies: style, wealth, attitude, and perhaps most importantly, taste. That is not to say a Rolex is elitist, but rather that the wearer on screen, anyone from James Bond to Steve McQueen, is someone possessed of the knowledge that there is no better. Rolex is the pinnacle. The history of Rolex on film is not nearly as interesting as the scope of its wearers and how this simple act of either subtle or ostentatious display can define character. Take James Bond, a man whose breeding was forced upon…


  • James Bond is back and he has never scrubbed up better. Tom Ford now exists to make Daniel Craig suits.


  • The first trailer for Skyfall hits with several suits, an overcoat, sportswear and a beanie.

  • As TracyDi Vicenzo in OHMSS, Diana Rigg wore a daring 1960s wedding ensemble.


  • The blue towelling playsuit in Goldfinger is typically remembered as Bond’s one sartorial disaster. Yet it might be worthy of reconsideration.

  • Matt Spaiser, creator of The Suits of James Bond blog, analyses the style of 007 in the film that started it all – Dr. No.

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  • Moore manages a successful style coup early on in Live and Let Die. His cropped navy blue chesterfield coat.