Clothes on Film a ‘Digital Game Changer’ according to Vogue | Clothes on Film

That is the long and the short of it: according to the wise words of this month’s Vogue India, Clothes on Film are one of the leading voices in digital fashion coverage. The exact words of their writer Dal Chodha were ‘game changer’, so we’ll happily run with that.

You can read the full Vogue article in THIS PDF. We’re on page 156, the piece begins at p 148.

Honestly we are not entirely sure what being bestowed such an honour means, but with names such as Victoria Beckham and Burberry included in the list we must be doing (and saying) something right. It does make Clothes on Film seem more powerful than it actually is, mind. Really the site is just an exploration and understanding of movie and TV costume design with an eye on trend and fashion influences, particularly those represented in contemporary cinema. Praise is nice; knowing you’re making some kind of difference is even nicer.

Vogue India March issue is available now.

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