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Costume stories for the festive season. Shame that none of these have anything to do with Christmas.

Bronx Bombers on Broadway

Let’s all go to the theatre.Tyranny of Style has published an eye-opening interview with Bronx Bombers costume designer David C. Woolard. Having worked in theatre first hand, CoF got just a little bit nostalgic.

The Innocents (1961)

GORGEOUS gothic costume sketches.

Patia Prouty

Banshee and Justified’s costume designer talks about her work on both shows in this superb interview for True To Me Too.

Punch-Drunk Love

Girls Do Film get all caught up in colour.

American Horror Story

Lou Eyrich left Glee to costume killer nuns and aliens. She tells Josh Winning all about it.

American Hustle

Video: Michael Wilkinson explains the costumes worn by Jennifer Lawrence.

And Here he is chatting to the Sydney Morning Herald (Wilkinson’s Australian) about his astonishing career so far.

One final piece discussing the bras in American Hustle, or lack of.

Bruce Lee

The yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death, paid homage to by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, makes $100,000 at auction. Unfortunately we didn’t buy it.

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