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Being as she is an extremely nice person, costume designer for The Hangover (2009), Louise Mingenbach, has answered more of your questions about who wears what in the movie. So with some help from her assistant designer Alison McCosh, here we go with the answers…

Clothes on Film: Where were Heather Graham’s costumes and sunglasses purchased?

Louise Mingenbach: I think most everything was bought and fitted in LA before we left for Las Vegas, except the stripper’s costumes were purchased in Vegas. Her sunglasses were vintage too from a great store here in LA. God, I can picture it…but what’s the name..? I don’t think I can come up with it on the fly. Sorry.


COF: Can you recall the brand of sneakers Zach Galifianakis wears for his ‘Vegas outfit’?

Alison McCosh: I remember Zach’s sneakers being from the costume house. No label that I remember, just a grey nylon mesh sneaker.

COF: You mentioned previously that Bradley Cooper’s blue shirt was by ‘Organic’. Is this a shirt company in the US? Do you have any more info on them?

AM: The company ‘Organic’ are U.S. based they have a showroom in New York. It is a clothing company for men and women. They do not have their own website. You just have to Google and see who sells the line, but it is sold throughout the United States.

COF: Also Bradley Cooper’s boots as worn in the desert scenes, where were they from?

AM: Bradley’s boots are by Fiorentini and Baker.


COF: Were Bradley’s John Varvatos sunglasses modified especially with those pink lenses? And why did you choose them? They seem quite radical – does that best represent his character?

LM: Yes, we changed out the lens on the John Varvatos glasses. We wanted something relatively light so we could see his eyes while he wore them. The pink-ish tone was good I thought with his skin tone and he is definitely the cocky character in the group, so a bit of the “radical” was perfect.

Louise Mingenbach has just completed work on The Hangover director Todd Philips’ latest picture Due Date. She was also costume designer on The Usual Suspects (1995), X-Men (2000), and X2 (2003). Hopefully we chat to her about these genre classics and more at some point in the future.

With thanks to Louise Mingenbach and Alison McCosh.

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