An Education Trailer Hits: Sophisticated Sixties Fashion


An Education is an upcoming early 1960s set film about Jenny (Carey Mulligan) a bright seventeen year old planning to study at Oxford who becomes romantically involved with dashing socialite David (Peter Sarsgaard), soon abandoning her aspirations and future shot at independence. The story is an adaptation of British journalist Lynn Barber’s autobiography of the same name.

Judging solely on this footage, Jenny goes down the Audrey Hepburn route more than typical teen fashions of the sixties; so a Givenchy pared-down style comprising little jewellery, trenchcoat, simple, sexy shifts in silk and plain colours with occasional floral prints rather than the younger look of Courtelle mini-dresses and PVC knee high boots more common to the era.

And having been introduced to money, fun, and Paris for the first time this would clearly make sense for Jenny. In effect she is missing her teenage years for early entry into a life she never thought possible. Her clothes would likely be Parisian influenced more than London; chic more than shocking. Ironically this financially dependent lifestyle would have ensured she was less trendily dressed than most other girls her age. For the first time in history Paris couture no longer dictated fashion.

Co-starring Emma Thompson and Alfred Molina, the film has already picked up positive critical buzz with two awards at Sundance.

Following a limited U.S. run from 9th October, In Education arrives in the UK on 30th October. It will certainly be one to watch, for costume designer Odile Dicks-Mireaux’s elegant contribution as well as what looks to be timeless retelling of the girl and the cad.

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