Robin Hood: Some Pics for the Weekend

As it is nearly the weekend, make the day disappear faster by checking out some pics from Ridley Scott’s upcoming Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

This version of ‘the Hood’ by Gladiator (2000) and Body of Lies (2008) director Ridley Scott is being touted as truth behind the famous medieval folk hero. So there will be no feather hat silliness or blow dried mullet hair. This Robin Hood will kick your ass and charge you for it.

Costume designer for Robin Hood Janty Yates has embraced the rather mixed historical setting behind the legend, although has largely plumped for what appears to be late medieval influence.


Nice shot here of Cate Blanchett as Marion wearing a full length flowing dress with fitted over-bodice. Clothing, for men and women, became more tailored during medieval times. There was an emphasis on narrowing the hips, yet defining the waist. Colour and textiles separated upper and lower classes, vibrant reds and purple were only worn by a fortunate few.

Notice Russell Crowe’s long tunic. From the waist up it looks like a Harrington jacket with that upturned collar. Tunics largely became shorter and tighter as the medieval period wore on.


Only towards the end of the Middle Ages were shoes made to fit both left and right feet. Crowe’s boots are long and straight, as per the time. Also note the slight turnover at the top to reveal the inside lining, an accurate costume touch.

The prevalent hood and wide collar are in place, marking Robin ‘Hood’ out with a form of iconography; though Crowe’s leg-wear is a touch more ‘trousery’ than one might expect for the time. They appear to be leather, however, and accompanying an armour chest plate, so clearly intended as field or battle wear. The tights-like ‘hose’ commonly worn during medieval times would likely not have offered much protection against the elements, let alone a swinging blade.

Robin Hood is due out 14th May of this year. Anticipation is high for Scott who perhaps now more than ever needs a hit. With Crowe going all Gladiator again, even so far as sporting the same hairstyle, and the story synopsis promising a fresh, uncompromising take on this ever popular cinematic hero, he might just get it.

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