New Robin Hood Trailer: Fighting Talk

Watch the trailer HERE

The latest in a queue of trailers for Ridley Scott’s version of Robin Hood has arrived. This one shows us more than pain; we get some basic plot too.

As based on the 12th century legend, spurred on by the death of his father, Robin of the Hood ( Russell Crowe) is fighting the rampant taxation and oppression of England’s green and pleasant land. This third Scott preview confirms that simple premise, now with more intense dialogue and even intenser stares. Also several clips of Mark Strong on typically ferocious form as Sir Godfrey. He receives a well-aimed arrow in the neck by Hood (guessing this won’t be fatal).

However not a lot more in the costume line for those eager to glimpse Janty Yates’ already interesting looking work. There is another shot of Matthew Macfadyen encased in that huge sheepskin collar though, and a couple of pretty reveals of Cate Blanchett as Marion.

This should keep us going until the film is released on 14th May. Or at least until the next trailer, which will probably be due sometime tomorrow.

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