New Tron Legacy Trailer Lights up the Screen

As predicted, a new Tron Legacy trailer has debuted at San Diego Comic Con, along with eight minutes of finished footage (which we’ll admit we haven’t seen). It’s all go for the MCP.

The design of the black Tron Legacy light suit is frankly wicked, a prefect modern update from Jeff Bridges’ stretchy number in the original, both functional looking and sexy (co-star Garrett Hedlund describes it as “the wardrobe of a lifetime”). These new suits appear to be made from Lycra, mesh and leather, possibly in two or three pieces, housing various sized illuminated sections wired with electricity.

Just by the by, THIS company have some officially licensed replicas of the light suit in development.

Costume designer for Tron Legacy is Michael Wilkinson, who has some interesting comic book credits behind him, namely Jonah Hex and Watchmen. In this instance influence will likely come from Tron creator/director (and co-writer this time) Steven Lisberger, plus Jean Giraud’s original vision as architect of the game environment. Rosanna Norton and Eloise Jensson were credited costume designers on the first Tron, though Jensson has since passed away. That suit, however, will live on forever.

Tron: Legacy is released, in 3D no less, on 17th December. You’ll be there.

Source: Total Film

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