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  • Costume catch up time. Puttin’ on the Glitz Clothes on Film editor Christopher Laverty will be teaming up with the incomparable Amber Jane Butchart for an exciting talk at the British Library. Man of Steel Michael Wilkinson talks about his design process on the film, plus his overall approach to costuming in general at this LACMA event. For Tyranny of Style, Brianne Gillen records the details. Divergent Carlo Poggioli’s costume sketches and character info. Looks good, but will probably save reading this until after watching. Due 21st. Constantine First look at the trenchcoat wearing, Sting-alike lead character for NBC’s new television series. True Detective Costume designer Jenny Eagan talks about…

  • The week’s costume stories and links.

  • Man of Steel costume designer reveals fascinating insight about the film.

  • Superman’s new costume is underwear with a cape.

  • Costume links of the week.

  • A 13 minute Man of Steel featurette has just been released discussing the suit.


  • The latest trailer for Man of Steel makes for one very dark Superman costume.