Michael Wilkinson | Clothes on Film – Part 2

  • Costume news you may have missed. Edith Head Google’s delightful doodle to celebrate the birth of Edith Head on 28th October 1897, showcasing illustrations of her work from A Place in the Sun, White Christmas, Sex and the Single Girl, To Catch a Thief, The Birds and Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Costume preview via Trish Summerville and The New York Times – no spoilers. Look out for our own coverage soon. Julien’s Auctions The estate of William Travilla. Get your credit card(s) ready. Columbo New costume Tumblr by Nicolas Magand. Mark this as essential reading forever. Duck Dynasty Well what did YOU wear for…

  • Costume on the brain? This won’t help. Michael Wilkinson Technology in costume design – BRILLIANT Costume Cafe podcast by Colleen Monroe. Sleepy Hallow Pilot costume designer Sanja Hays explains why Ichabod won’t be dressing in Gap tees anytime soon. Grand Theft Auto V Always indespesnible and relevant Tyranny of Style interviews GTA V costume designer Lyn Paolo, who also worked on TV shows Southland, E.R. and The West Wing. American Hustle Michael Wilkinson honoured for his work on a film we are jumping up and down with excitement for. Scandal More Lyn Paolo talking about Kerry Washington and co in Scandal. Halloween …and EVEN MORE Lyn Paolo, here with fellow…

  • Costume titbits you may have missed. America Hustle Tom and Lorenzo cast their expert eyes over the American Hustle character posters. Costumer of Awesome Who is the Costumer of Awesome? Whoever he/she is they clearly work in the business and have a unique plus hilarious way of putting said crazy biz in perspective for the rest of us. Sleepy Hollow Why does Ichabod never wash his clothes, you may or may not be daft enough to ask. The Art of Costume Design CUT! Costume and the Cinema – a period costume design exhibit at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas. House of Versace Costume designer Claire Nadon got…

  • Costume design reduced to stories and links.

  • Say you, say costume design.

  • The week’s costume stories and links.

  • Man of Steel costume designer reveals fascinating insight about the film.

  • Superman’s new costume is underwear with a cape.

  • A 13 minute Man of Steel featurette has just been released discussing the suit.


  • The latest trailer for Man of Steel makes for one very dark Superman costume.

  • Editor Chris Laverty explains how to ‘read’ costume on film. From an article originally published in Moviescope magazine.


  • The proposed ethos behind Tron Legacy merchandising is more than just product; it’s a lifestyle choice.