Costume Stories: This Week, The Butler and Evil Dead | Clothes on Film

A few of the week’s costume titbits.

The Butler

Costume designer Ruth Carter explains her work on The Butler. Honest, with lots of detail – absolutely worth a read.

…and Oprah’s ‘fashion evolution’ in the film.


“Kiss me I’m Polish”. Cool Supercuts video: a history of t-shirts in movies. As enjoyable as it sounds, i.e. very.

Evil Dead

Presenting the Evil Dead bikini. It’s hell on your crotch.

Kristen M. Burke

Wonder what costume design veteran and all round hero Kristin Burke has been up to recently? She’s been making cock socks, that’s what – cock socks designed to under loincloths worn by Mohawk Indians. No rude business, thank you very much.


As fashion historian and Clothes on Film contributor Katy Werlin explains, pink actually started out as a masculine colour…


60-70 Pairs of Levi 501s were used. Actually this is the least interesting fact from a very interesting interview with costume designer Lisa Jensen.

Denim jackets

Emma Fraser gets inspired by the denim and cords look in The Conjuring. When will more people realise how flattering the 70’s can be?


Costume designer Annie Hardinge talks about playing with period styles.

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