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A round-up of last week’s best costume design stories and links.

Ender’s Game

Uniforms, suits and one very cool wristwatch: Tyranny of Style checked out Ender’s Game costumes at Comic Con.

Drunk History

Costume queen Kristin M. Burke talks to Christina Morgini about being ‘off period’ for the Funny-or-Die show.

Emmys 2013: Costume Design

The nominations are here (go Ellen).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

His new suit has an mp3 player built in. Make of that what you will.

Red is the New Black

Literally. Costume designer Jenn Rogien chats about her work on the new Netflix series.


Believe it or not Clueless is 18 years old. Costume designer Mona May discusses her amazing contribution to the classic teen film. And here is own Clueless article from early 2012.


Costume designer Jolie Anreatta: ‘Suits are like Medieval suits of armour’. Hear, here.

Animal House

The one and only Deborah Nadoolman Landis talks to Nathalie Atkinson about togas and 38 set ups a day.

Pacific Rim

Gavia Baker with her take on the costumes of Pacific Rim.

And more from Gavia, this time concentrating on Mako…


Video: Evolution of the movie costume at Comic Con.

Julie Weiss

Interview with the wonderful costume designer of American Beauty, Steel Magnolias and more.

The Lone Ranger

Q&A with Penny Rose.

The Hunger Game: Catching Fire

‘Wetsuits’ give the game away, apparently.

The Hoodie

Good piece by Threadbared. Incidentally if you’ve never seen F, put it on your list – it really taps into the ‘fear of the hoodie’ psyche.

The Newsroom

Dress the part courtesy of Vogue, dahlings.

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