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Pleasant surprise of the day, the first official photo for The A-Team movie has gone online – and it looks rather good.

Obviously there has been some updating going on, the original TV show began in 1983 don’t forget. Overall though there is nothing too jarring here, it is recognisably The A-Team, no question. But let’s analyse exactly what has changed in twenty six years…

Bradley Cooper as Templeton Peck, aka ‘Faceman’

Wearing a smart grey mohair suit, open neck white shirt and black oxford lace-ups, Cooper looks similar to his character in The Hangover (2009), apart from the machine gun accessory of course. When not in disguise, Dirk Benedict’s outfits mainly comprised casual sports jackets and slacks with the odd cravat. Sometimes a black leather blouson would make an appearance, which is definitely something that should stay in the past.

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson as Bosco Baracus, aka ‘B.A.’

Still with the Mohawk, but now clothed in dirty baggy jeans with whiskering, yellow print vest, Timberland boots, handgun shoulder holster and what looks to be a black leather watch band. No gold though, just his army dog tags and some scattered tattoos.

Randy Jackson’s attire might be the least pleasing overall – frankly it is a bit ‘boyband’. Though being as Mr T’s ensembles mainly consisted of denim dungarees, red vests (sometimes even shirtless for publicity pics) and always draped in enough gold to sink the QE2, this new B.A. get up has to be an improvement.

Sharlto Copley as ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock

Not much of a change on the surface, Copley sports a red ‘Airborne’ cap, brown patch-pocket leather jacket (looks like maybe a Belstaff), unbuttoned plaid shirt, green cargo pants, black army boots or plain derbys and visible dog tags. As Murdock mark 1, Dwight Schultz also wore a leather jacket, but mostly a bomber with elasticated cuffs and hem. His cap was sometimes red too. This costume probably convinces most of all; keeping the functional leather jacket is a sure touch as along with the cap it helps identity Murdock as the pilot of the group.

Liam Neeson as John ‘Hannibal’ Smith

Ah, the big one. Neeson looks pretty spot-on as The A-Team leader. His outfit is made distinctive by suede and leather driving gloves donned by original Hannibal George Peppard when in mission mode. The chambray denim shirt over green singlet vest is certainly familiar too, as are khakis and a leather shoulder holster, though possibly not the desert patrol boots.

Eighties Hannibal had epaulettes on nearly everything as well, notably a sandy coloured zipper and plain military-esque shirts. Perhaps these will turn up in the new film, or perhaps they will stay back in the eighties with B.A.’s dungarees.

Costume designer for The A-Team movie Betsy Heiman is a veteran of creating contemporary looks; see Get Shorty (1995) and Funny People (2009). Her contribution to this update already appears typical of her work; possibly won’t date that well (think of the black on black with sunglasses for Get Shorty), but sure to serve its purpose at the time.

Cannot wait to see what’s next. Mark us quietly excited.

Source: Slashfilm

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